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插曲 370 | 2018年一月22号上映
再次推迟的珍宝蟹捕捞- 价格谈判,多莫酸,可怕的天气 (Further Delays to Dungeness Crab Fishery - Price Negotiations, Domoic Acid, Terrible Weather )

2018年一月22号上映 - 即使在联邦谈判窗口关闭之后,价格谈判延迟了俄勒冈州珍宝蟹的捕捞。
January 22, 2018 - Price negotiations continue to delay commercial harvests of Dungeness crab in Oregon, even after the federal negotiation window has closed.

--- 2016 - 2017年珍珠蟹季节捕捞2040万磅,创下历史新高,达到6300万美元,平均每磅3.08美元。 捕捞量比10年平均值1600万镑高22%左右。 今年捕捞季于1月15日在俄勒冈州的Cape Blanco北部开放,比原计划12月15日开幕的延迟一个月。 由于存在微量的软骨藻酸,Cape Blanco以南的海域仍然是封闭的。 推迟的的开放意味着在圣诞节或新年期间不会有螃蟹,本月的登陆很可能直接进入冷冻市场。
--- Price negotiations continue to delay commercial harvests of Dungeness crab in Oregon, even after the federal negotiation window has closed. The 2016-2017 Dungeness crab season landed 20.4 million pounds with the highest-ever record ex-vessel value of $63 million, averaging $3.08 per pound. These landings are about 22 percent above the 10 year average of 16 million pounds. This year, the season opened January 15th North of Cape Blanco in Oregon, after a month delay from the originally planned opening of December 15th. The thin stretch of ocean south of Cape Blanco is still closed due to trace amounts of domoic acid present. The late opening meant no crab was avaialble for Christmas or New Years and landings this month are likely to be destined for freezers.


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我们与俄勒冈州鱼类和野生动物部门的Hugh Link进行了交谈,他们阐述了无法定价和恶劣的天气条件推迟了捕捞。 Hugh也证实,俄勒冈州没有对太平洋蟹进行库存分析,“只有大自然知道”今年的收成将如何,无法预计涨跌。 在政府规定的价格谈判窗口关闭之后,许多加工商正在给船公司报价,但渔民已经联合起来等待更好的价格。 由于肉类低,渔民们正在犹豫,收获总重量上将会少一些,担心加工商可能会违背订单。
We spoke to Hugh Link at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, who elaborated that no price settlement and terrible weather conditions has delayed any movement in the fishery. Hugh also confirmed that there is no stock assessment for dungeness crabs in Oregon, "only mother nature knows" how harvests will go this year as ups and downs are expected in the cyclical fishery. Many processors are making offers to boats after the government regulated price negotiation window closed, but fishermen have banded together to wait for a better price outlook. Fishermen are hesitating as the meat fill-in is low so harvests will be worth less on the gross weight, as well as the worry that processors may renege on orders.

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--- 直到价格结算,去年冻结的库存没有剩下什么,新的供应有限,我们等待2018年生产。 1.5 - 2磅自从秋季以来,整个熟盐水冷冻螃蟹价格上涨,目前定价接近每磅6.70美元。 在西雅图,2至2.5磅的大约每磅7.25美元。 太平洋蟹切断价格近期波动较小,从9月份的每磅7.65美元涨至本月的7.90美元。
--- Until prices settle, frozen inventories are fairly bare with limited availability on new offers while we wait for 2018 production. 1.5 - 2 pound Whole cooked brine frozen dungeness crab has strengthened since the fall, with current pricing near $6.70 per pound. Larger dungeness in the 2 - 2.5 pound size are around $7.25 per pound right now in Seattle. Dungeness crab sections or clusters have had less price volatility as of late, strengthening from $7.65 per pound in September to $7.90 this month.

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