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插曲 369 | 2018年一月15号上映
在连续创收之后,阿根廷红虾引起了北美买家的注意 (Record High Argentine Red Shrimp Harvest Getting More North American Buyer Attention)

2018年一月15号上映 - 在连续多年的创纪录收成之后,阿根廷红虾引起了北美买家的注意. 巴塔哥尼亚虾没有配额制度,1988年制定了捕捞限额,但随着渔业的发展,已经失效.
January 15, 2018 - After back-to-back years of record harvests, Argentine Red shrimp is grabbing the attention of North Americian buyers. There is no quota system for Patagonian shrimp, catch limits were set in 1988 but have since been invalidated as the fishery has evolved.)

--- 2016年是红虾捕捞创纪录的一年,收获量为17.8万吨。 2017年全年捕捞强劲,收成达到22.75万吨,同比上升27%。 过去一年,进口和价格都上涨了。 根据NOAA报告的数据显示,2016年度21/25阿根廷虾数量增长4%,但价格增长近12%。
--- 2016 was a record year for the red shrimp fishery, at 178 thousand metric tonnes harvested. Landings were strong every month throughout 2017, with harvest totals hitting 227.5 thousand metric tonnes - over 27 percent higher landings year-to-year. Both imports and prices have increased into the USA this past year too. Import data by NOAA report shell-on 21/25 count Argentine shrimp increasing 4 percent by volume but nearly 12 percent by value over 2016.

--- 总体而言,阿根廷虾价格一直在上涨,原料开始走强。 这个季节更小的尺寸更难以获得,特别是21-25厘米的尺寸。 目前,EZ Peel的21-25克红虾的价格在5.10-5.15美元/磅之间,HLSO的价格为4.70-4.75美元/磅。 阿根廷虾的岸边冷冻从十一月到五月进行,大部分进口到北美的产品都来自这个渔季。 当天捕捞并处理一次性完成的虾带来更高的品质。 全虾对中国来说是一个很有吸引力的产品,L2产品的价格是20-30块/公斤,目前约为7.05-7.10美元/公斤CFR中国。
--- Overall, prices on Argentine shirmp have been increasing, and the raw materials are begining to strengthen. Smaller sizes have been harder to source this season, especially the 21-25ct size. Currently, 21-25ct red shrimp is in the range of $5.10 - $5.15/lb for EZ Peel and $4.70 - $4.75/lb for HLSO. The shore frozen fishery for Argentine shrimp runs from November to May and most of the product imported into North America comes from this fishery. It is important to purchase from high quality producers who process the shrimp the same day they are caught. Whole shrimp is an attractive product for China, pricing on L2 product, which is 20-30 pieces per kg, is currently around $7.05 to $7.10/KG CFR China.


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--- 在北美,阿根廷虾越来越受欢迎,但其市场份额远远低于在西海岸捕捞的养殖白虾和野生粉红虾。 粉红色的虾是Ocean Wise recommended和MSC认证,与在越南养殖的老虎虾相同。 阿根廷红虾渔业目前不是Ocean Wise recommended,也不是MSC认证的。 随着可持续性指标对消费者越来越重要,这两项认证将提高其在北美市场的可销售性。
--- In North America, Argentine shrimp is growing in popularity but has far less market share than farmed white shrimp and wild pink shrimp caught on the West Coast. Pink shrimp is Ocean Wise recommended and MSC certified, same as Tiger shrimp farmed in Vietnam. The argentine red shrimp fishery is currently not Ocean Wise recommended, nor is it MSC certified. Both of these certifications would increase it's marketability in the North American market as sustainability metrics become increasingly more important for consumers.

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